Introducing Mindful Moments

Do you ever find there are times where you don't get a moment to think? You sit back at the end of the month thinking, where did the time go?

Our Mindful Moments collection is here to remedy just that. We wanted to encapsulate the essence of the month within a tea and candle.

To do that we had to team up with Hometownteatime - a tea obsessed instagram account created my really good friend Rebecca Rourke.

Rebecca and I met when we were in our graduate scheme at an engineering firm. Sneaking away for tea breaks was something we did all the time (a lot more than we probably should have).

During these tea breaks we would brainstorm ideas of fun businesses we could open to escape corporate life, and now here we are! All it took was a pandemic and redundancy to get things going - no big deal.

We are so excited to introduce Mindful Moments to you. We are in love with the packaging and feel it's so soothing and calm. A great bundle if you are looking to take a moment out and enjoy the present and embrace the month.

With that, it's my pleasure to introduce you to Rebecca.

I'm Rebecca and I have a serious tea addiction!

Tea is such a fundamental part of my everyday existence, I can't function without my tea. It's the accompaniment to good news, bad news, food, conversations, problems that need solving and everything else in between. It's also a source of comfort, balance and energy. I'm aware that I am making tea sound like an all-powerful genie now... Aladdin is my favourite Disney film! It's not that brash though, it's like a supportive crutch alongside, waiting to help as required.

I'm currently on around ten cups of tea a day (there's a strong chance that I have a tea problem). My journey with tea started when I was a toddler, apparently I didn't like the taste of milk, so the suggestion from my grandmother was cold tea in a bottle, which was a great success!

I've always drunk standard builder's tea and only started branching out when I lived in Austria. The pharmacy opposite my flat was full of tea to alleviate whatever symptoms and ailments you were suffering with. I'll admit that I found it slightly frustrating that they thought that tea could fix me, after all, it was just some leaves! But, it turns out, they were right.

I've been a hoarder of mugs and teas for a long time and in May 2017 I made an Instagram page to force myself to use the mugs and teas and stop saving them for best. I've discovered some amazing teas so far and a whole community of like-minded people and friends and I'm really enjoying learning lots of new things on my little tea adventure and exploring my passion.