Hi! I'm Ishani, Creator of Luna London, I'm a self-confessed candle junkie.

I know everyone says that, but seriously it's a real problem. I'm the friend with hundreds of candles around the house and known to buy a haul-worthy amount whenever I travel. I just can't help it, it's like taking a little piece of a special moment back home. They say memory is linked with smell you know.

My love of candles and fragrance started at my first job working on the perfume counters. I would spend hours sniffing and reading about all the weird and wonderful notes used by master perfumers. I knew I had to do something with scent..

And then life took over and I became all sensible and got a 'real career' in engineering for over 7 years. While I met the best people, learnt a lot and grew work ethic beyond belief, I knew and felt something was missing.

After a pretty stressful period, I decided to treat myself to a candle making kit. After making my first candle I was hooked. Not only was it satisfying, it brought me back to my original love, fragrance.

After hours of testing, failing, iterating, I finally nailed a blend and managed to make a candle that actually gave off scent (which is harder to do than you would think). There have many times where I've been disappointed in a candles scent throw, I knew this couldn't happen on my watch.

Next came design, if you've had a chance to take a look at our products you would probably know this, but I am not a minimalist. I love beautiful illustrations, bringing them together with Italian hand blown jars felt like the perfect match.

Finally, with scent and art complete, Luna London launched!

The end...


Just kidding, the stories not over, this is the part where you enter, where will you take us?