Gifts That Celebrate Wellness

Gifts don’t have to be material and expensive to be appreciated. Wellness is a gift that keeps on giving.

Here are some ideas to give the gift of wellness this season and all year long.

1. Self Care Books

There are plenty of booksincluding new ones in 2022—that provide guidance and advice. Give the avid reader in your life the joy of a new self care book. But forget the business guidance and instead look to one that will help their inner journey. 

The Power of Now, for instance, proclaims that living in "the now" is the ultimate path to happiness. Big Magic purports to inspire creativity. The Four Agreements is a more spiritual self-help book. Check resources like Goodreads or lists of the top self help books to help you choose.

2. Honor Their Zodiac Sign

The philosopher Simone Weil stated: “Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.” Knowing the sign of those you love is one way to show you’re paying attention.

Provide something for your gift recipient that acknowledges their Zodiac sign, whether that’s an item to spruce up the space for your Libra or a water-scented candle for the Cancer in your life.

3. Meditate with Them

If you’ve discovered the power of meditation, share it with those you love. Meditation has been shown to provide a sense of calm, peace and balance, beneficial for emotional well-being and overall health. It can also be used to relax and cope with stress.

Luna London’s YouTube channel offers some guided meditations that make it easy to introduce this life-altering practice to those around you. 

4. Help Them Shine

A crystal healing bracelet is a powerful gift that keeps on providing wellness. Over the centuries, crystals have been honoured by many different cultures and societies. From the writings of poets and authors through the ages, to their use as magical, healing objects of energy, crystals have even been examined by scholars to better understand why they are so important to us.

Our Shine crystal quartz crystal healing bracelet will amplify energy and provide concentration and balance. Help your loved ones shine their brightest everyday, and find their internal magic.

5. An Appointment for Health

You know your friends and family best, so book an appointment for health that fits their needs. Maybe that’s an introduction to yoga class, a massage, or a day at the spa. Perhaps it’s an offer to babysit your friend’s children so she can have time alone, or an offer to drive your grandmother to a needed date with the doctor.

6. Gift Yourself

Don’t forget to give yourself a gift of wellness too. That also doesn’t have to mean material items. It could mean taking an uninterrupted break to be alone, to enjoy a long hot bath and some quiet time to think. 

Invest in yourself with something from the Luna London Candles Meditation Collection, with scents will help clarify your mind and spirit.

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking about gifts that celebrate wellness. Contact us to learn more about wellness!

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