How to Prepare for the Sun Entering Virgo

Virgo season is upon us–and, as such, it’s time for a guide on how to prepare for the Sun entering Virgo.

Join us as we dive into how to embrace this season’s full potential, as well as what it can do for your mind, body, and spirit.

Understand What it Means for the Sun to Enter Virgo

When the Sun is in Virgo from August 23rd to September 22nd, it’s the perfect time to tap into all things Virgo: namely humbleness, practicality, and patience. 

Virgo are known to be steadfast and reliable, making their season one of organization both big and small. Whether it be that you haven’t been tending to your interpersonal relationships or your physical space needs to be decluttered, know that this is the perfect season to overcome those hurdles.

To fully prep for Virgo season, we recommend making a conscious effort to let go of the things you cannot control and occupy your time (and energy!) with the things that you can.

…But Remember Not to Be Too Hard on Oneself

While Virgo are perfectionists, that doesn’t mean that you should use the Sun entering Virgo as a reason to fall headlong into perfectionist tendencies.

Instead, enjoy the meditativeness of attending to the details of your everyday life. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities this Virgo season, we recommend burning the Virgo Zodiac Candle during times of stress: its soothing notes of coconut, vanilla, and almond blend seamlessly with fresh notes of bergamot, orange, and amber–the perfect scent to keep you grounded and focused on a gratitude mindset.

Focus on the Practical Aspects of Self-Care

The term “self-care” often conjures images of luxurious bubble baths, swathes of time spent reading your backlog of novels, or treating yourself to flashy clothes and accessories. 

Although these are all certainly fun ways to treat yourself, true self-care comes from focusing on small everyday habits that nourish your body, mind, and soul long-term. These include investing time and energy into your work, health, and at-home chore efforts.

At Luna London, we practice self-care by doing the following:

  • Meditating daily
  • Reflecting on our week
  • Practicing a grateful mindset
  • Keeping our space clean 
  • Treating our bodies well through a blend of a healthy diet, daily exercise, and consistently making time for those we love

We recommend paying attention to your unique wants and needs in order to maintain a feeling of peace and contentness. After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup, as they say!

Make the Most of the Sun Entering Virgo in 2022 and Beyond

The value of the Sun entering Virgo stems from the opportunity for each and every one of us to remove stresses from our lives in order to make room in our minds and spirits for more gratefulness, more positive action, and more freedom.

If you feel in need of further inspiration regarding how to make the most of this Virgo season, join the Luna London community on Instagram today to see how we maximize the Sun entering Virgo.

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