Meditation Corner Decor

Meditation is a simple yet powerful way to reduce stress and achieve inner peace.

Research is proving even more health benefits of meditation, which its practitioners have known for centuries: it helps you improve your sleep quality, focus on the present, reduce negative emotions, increase imagination, creativity, patience and tolerance while lowering your resting heart rate and blood pressure.

Plus it’s simple to learn and does not require special equipment, which makes it an inexpensive health habit. But if you’d like to invest in a special space in your home or office to practice meditation, here are some ideas for meditation corner decor.

Proper Lighting

Once you have selected a quiet space, away from noise, foot traffic and other distractions, you should focus on the lighting. If there’s a window nearby, consider adding a blind to block some of the direct sunlight. Natural light can be ideal for a meditation practice, but you may not want it to be too bright.

You can also add special lighting, like a dimmer switch on the room light, or a table lamp that can be adjusted to the brightness you find ideal. You can also play with color, by adding a bulb that’s purple or blue, or whatever allows you to relax. A lighted crystal is another popular option, as crystals are said to have healing powers. 

Candles are another way to enhance the mood when you want to relax, providing soft light and relaxing scents. Our meditation collection is designed to help you set an intention and settle down for a moment of peace. Try the Calm Candle, with notes of amber, vanilla, musk, lavender, and jasmine. It includes an intention inscribed on the candle, which will help you on your meditation journey.

Comfortable Seating

A key component of meditating is sitting comfortably, so a chair or cushion in your space is a must-have. You can buy special meditation cushions to place on the floor, or simply choose ones from your home that can serve the purpose. 

Some people prefer to meditate in a chair, so find one that allows you to relax and achieve a calm state of mind. Your body should be supported and comfortable, so your mind isn’t distracted by an aching back, for instance. 

A Few Accessories

You may want to add other accessories to your meditation corner to enhance your practice. It’s all up to you:

  • Window blocks that press into existing window frames to block outside noise.
  • Plants to add life to the space. 
  • Soothing scents from scented candles or an essential oil diffuser. 
  • Painted walls with calming colors.
  • A statue, sand garden, or painting that provides serenity.
  • Affirmation cards to keep in the corner to aid your meditation practice. Our Calming Affirmation Cards will provide inspiration when you need it.   
These are just a few ideas to add your personal touch to your meditation corner. What’s most important is that you enjoy the area and return to it often to enhance your meditation practice. Contact us to find out more about meditation.

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