Meditations for Stress

Meditation is a tool used by many to help bring peace to their lives. When you meditate regularly, you enhance the connection between your body and mind (and accomplish a healthy emotional and mental state.)

In today’s blog, learn more about our top-recommended meditations for stress… as well as how Luna London candles can take your meditation to the next level!

The Benefits of Meditation

We’ve defined the meaning of meditation; now, we are going to immerse ourselves in the benefits of meditation. 

Three core benefits of meditation include: 

  • Improving Emotional Health: Certain meditation practices enhance your self-image, therefore raising your self-confidence, which in turn influences your attitude towards life in a positive way. 
  • Improving Your Self-Awareness: Self-awareness is defined as knowing your own character, moods, motivations, and wishes. Meditation develops a greater understanding of yourself, which then helps you grow into the person you’re meant to be. 
  • Providing the Opportunity for Kindness: There are types of meditation that increase your kindness not just towards others but also towards yourself. Always remember to show yourself the same compassion and love you show to others.

Here are our favorite meditations for stress:

Take a Few Deep Breaths in Through Your Mouth and Exhale Through Your Nose

When you focus on your breathing during meditation, it is called being mindful of your breathing. The key points of breathing-related mindfulness are: 

  • Having a main focus on your body’s inhalation and exhalation
  • Having an awareness of the senses that are moving through your body as you meditate
  • Noticing when your mind loses focus on the breathing and bringing your mind’s focus back firmly but gently

Close Your Eyes and Imagine Yourself in a Peaceful Place

Another common form of meditation is closing your eyes and letting your mind take you to a peaceful place. 

How to do this: 

  • Include sensory details such as hearing, taste, smell, and feel
  • Imagine a place where you feel peaceful
  • Fully engage your imagination, your body, and your nervous system

Listen to Calming Music or Nature Sounds 

Calming music or nature sounds are another form of meditation and can be used in conjunction with the previous two forms of meditation. 

These sounds help us relax and turn our minds off so that we can get a good night’s sleep. To leverage them, pick some soothing instrumental music and allow yourself to experience the sensations the music produces as part of your meditation.

Practice Yoga or Stretching 

This form of meditation is beneficial because it has a combined focus: concentrating on your breathing and becoming in-tune with your own body.

We here at Luna London love yoga and stretching because it works to:

  • Develop wholeness by uniting the breath, body and mind
  • Make your body and mind stronger with continued practice 

If you have mobility limitations that make this form of meditation difficult, reading something inspiring is a stationary alternative to practicing mindfulness.

Take a Hot Bath with Lavender Oil or Chamomile Tea 

Lavender oil and chamomile tea are relaxants that make your meditation process even better. Lavender oil: 

  • Has calming properties to put your mind at ease 
  • Stabilizes you, thus improving your balance and allowing you to focus

Whereas chamomile tea can act as a:

  • Calming agent
  • Powerful antidepressant
  • Mild sedative to help make falling asleep easier 

Light a Candle

Candle meditation is when you light a candle and you concentrate your sense of sight and concentration on the candle’s flame. This practice:

  • Improves your mental health and function
  • Improves your quality of sleep 

Luna London has a collection of candles  specifically curated for candle meditation.   

Incorporate Mindfulness into Your Week as Much as Possible

We all know how busy our lives can get and how difficult it is to build in time for ourselves. However, for a healthy body and mind relationship, for a healthy relationship with ourselves where we practice self-love, it is essential to build in the time for meditation and mindfulness. 

How to incorporate mindfulness into your weekly routine: 

  • Keep a journal, write about your meditation, thoughts, feelings
  • Use your senses
  • Keep an open mind and stay inquisitive

Try These Meditations for Stress Today

The question that remains can only be answered by one person: you. Which one of these meditations will you be trying first?

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