5 Easy Ways To Incorporate Manifestation Into Your Day

Many of us hear words like ‘manifestation’ or ‘meditation practice,’ and assume that they’re too magical or too complex to wrap our heads around. Sure, it sounds great, but it also sounds like a lot to take on. 

The reality, though, is that manifestation can be a simple process that brings a lot of meaning and joy to your life. There are many easy ways to incorporate manifestation into your day—without having to become a manifestation expert or learning specific rituals. 

So away with ‘all-or-nothing’ thinking, and let’s explore some ways to make manifestation a part of your daily life. 

What Is Manifestation?

First, let’s do away with any lingering trepidation, and cover what manifestation actually is. It’s not magic, and you don’t need any special skills to start manifesting in your life. You just need a commitment to yourself, and belief that what you say and think matters.

Manifestation is an age-old idea that centres around the idea that ‘like attracts like.’ With this in mind, we can start to think about how we can create, channel, and hold on to positive energy—helping to turn that positive energy into positive outcomes in our lives. 

Many different cultures have different manifestation beliefs and rituals, and you may enjoy exploring them more. 

Or, you might just want to embrace the simple idea of becoming more in tune with your own thoughts, feelings, energy, and emotional states. Are they serving you? Are you living a life that reflects your values? Striving for the right goals? Believing in your dreams?

You might want more love and happiness in your life, for example. If you want to manifest them, you simply need to tap into their energy, set an intention to embrace and welcome this energy, and try to live mindfully in a way that welcomes love and happiness into your life. You might also wear a rose quartz crystal healing bracelet, so that every time you see it, you’re reminded of your commitment.

5 Easy Ways To Incorporate Manifestation Into Your Day

While there are many manifestation rituals you can explore, simple is almost always best, especially when you’re starting out. The following are easy ways to incorporate more manifestation into your daily life. 

Start Your Day Right

If you want to have a good day, you need to start it right. Try to begin your day with a good attitude. Develop a calming morning ritual that brings you joy and that you can stick to. This might include starting a simple meditation practice, lighting a candle, or really savouring your first cup of loose leaf chamomile chai tea.  

During this quiet time to yourself, visualise what you want to want to happen today. What types of experiences would you like to have? What kind of energy? How will you interact with people? This is where manifestation starts. 

Repeat Affirmations Throughout Your Day

Once you’ve started your morning off on the right foot, you want to stay on the right track all day. Repeat positive affirmations to yourself all day, either silently or out loud. You’ll be surprised what a mood lifter they can be (follow us on Instagram if you need some affirmation inspiration!). 

Visual Reminders

You might be familiar with the idea of putting sticky notes in your mirror, with positive words or reminders—and these can be great. But how many times a day do you look in the mirror? And when you do, are you actually paying attention to your notes?

That’s why it can be an even better idea to wear visual reminders of your goals and visions. Our Manifest citrine crystal healing bracelet, for example, is designed to remind you that everything you need is within yourself already. Citrine crystals in particular are said to bring abundance, confidence, and self-worth. Every time you look at it or touch it, you can remind yourself of what you’d like to manifest. 

Share Your Goals With People You Trust

If you’re trying to be more mindful or to manifest certain goals, tell the people you love! Talking about your vision with someone you trust can be incredibly powerful. Plus, they can help keep you accountable. 

And you never know—you might inspire someone else to become more positive, too. 

Keep A Journal Of All Your Accomplishments

Some days, you’re on top of everything, the boss calls you in for extra praise, and you catch every green light on the way home. Others, getting out of bed and brushing your teeth might be the highlight. We’re all human, and we’re all doing what we can. 

So one of the best things you can do to manifest more positivity in your life is to focus on the positive. Remember, ‘like attracts like.’ Keep a ‘good for me’ journal, where each night you list what you’ve accomplished today, no matter how big or small. Bonus points if you also list some things you’re grateful for.  

The more you’re able to focus on the good stuff, the more you’ll start to see good stuff around you—and opportunities to create more. That’s the goal of manifestation, and why incorporating it into your day can be so powerful. 

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