Cleansing Rituals

Take a step back and think about your daily life and how much you are exposed to external influences  bombarded with so many external influences, both good and bad. 

We often talk about carrying negative energy or about feeling it in a particular place. Most of us also have an intuitive sense that this kind of negative energy is powerful enough to hold us back from what we want to do and who we want to be. However, it’s less common to know what to do about this build-up of negativity, or to have a good understanding of where it comes from. For example, do you know how to cleanse negative energy from a person, or how to cleanse a house of negative energy?

We’ll offer a step-by-step guide to how to get rid of negative energy attached to you or to your home, suggesting ways in which you can customize this ritual to suit your goals or your current challenges. As it turns out, there are straightforward and effective ways to banish negative energy, and learning the right rituals could change your life.

We live in a fast-moving world. We are now more connected than ever and while this brings about so many amazing opportunities, it also means we are way more exposed to external energies. Over time, constant exposure to a range of energies can weigh heavy and bring about a feeling of being blocked, numb and negative.

You can feel this change intuitively. The feeling that something is not right and things feel harder than they need to be. There is an underlying feeling that something is holding you back from your natural state. 

Cleansing practices which were once popular in ancient time are now re-surfacing once more and is an approach to tackle this negative space. Then, the question arise - How to adopt the practices which are best for our modern times to counter the incense of dispelling negativity?

The answer may lie in spirituality. In spirituality originating from the parts of Native America, parts of India, China, Tibet, etc. ‘Smudging’ is a regular practice. Smudging is the practice of burning sage to cleanse the body, our homes, and the surrounding environment. When specifically, sage is used as the substance, the burning of sage is termed as Sageing. 

Understanding Negativity

Before we dive deep into Smudging, it's important to discuss negativity and understand how to identify it.

What is negativity, why is it bad, how do you feel

Mental Negativity

  • When you are not feeling alright for one reason or another 
  • When you feel lack of energy and general fatigue and have to drag yourself to every chore and work 
  • When you feel something is holding you back from your goals 
  • When you may feel more agitated, less patient 
  • When you do not feel like talking to others 
  • When you do not see your future clearly and curse your present 
  • When you regret your choices and past 

Spatial Negativity

  • When you feel uneasy in your home, in your room
  • When you see things frequently breaking up in your home 
  • When you cannot be at peace and your mind starts throwing bad thoughts 
  • When you cannot sleep calmly 
  • When you have that sense of restlessness  

Cleansing Methods

Once, we have identified the signs of negativity of mind and space, it is worthwhile to look at the several substances used in the practice of cleansing this negativity 


Sage is a common substance used for Smudging cleansing practice. There is a variety of sage available. It depends on region to region. 

  • Using Common Sage – The common sage also known as garden sage can be used for this practice. It has many medicinal properties and has a refreshing minty, flowery incense. 
  • Using white sage – White sage is a specific kind of sage found in North America and parts of Mexico. It can be used for this practice.

The sage is generally formed in sage bundles and available in your near metaphysical stores, religious outlet, and even online. 

It has a rich history of religious uses and several other benefits all centering around removing negativity which we would discuss this article as well.

Palo Santo Woods

Palo Santo is the native tree of North America, Peru, Venezuela, etc. Palo Santo is a wild tree and used extensively for its effect on cleansing rituals.

The wood extracted from Palo Santo is turned into wood sticks and burned for its aroma and rich incense of fruity apples and sugar. Palo Santo woods are known to release energy when burned and a good alternative for sage.


Crystals are known to be used for their effect on several behavioural aspects of our personality. It also has value when it comes to dispelling negativity. 

The use of crystals is defined as a pseudoscientific alternative for healing. The popular crystals like quartz, opals, etc. are used with good effect. 

Crystals can be both worn as an ornament or can be kept at home. One must take the expert opinion on its use before owning one. Like Black tourmaline crystal, Hematite is known to fight negativity and can be either worn or kept in your home. 

Herbs & Resins

Using local herbs, resins or cedar can also work for smudging practice. Do not limit yourself to get access to sage, Palo Santo wood sticks. You can try local alternatives as well. 

So, the practice of smudging mainly requires the below ingredients

  • A containing vessel to hold the burning sage, sticks 
  • You can use common sage bundles, white sage bundles for saging 
  • You can use Palo Santo wood sticks- a unique stick with a distinct incense 
  • You can wear crystals or place your room, home as well
  • Use something safe to light up the substance
  • A fan or even blowing slowly with your mouth keeping a safe distance can also come handy

Benefits from Cleansing practices of Smudging

The benefits from Smudging, Saging are galore and below are few of the factors that contribute to dispelling negativity and create a positive healthy environment. 

Effects of Cleansing Rituals 

Rituals have a significant effect on the mind. Maybe the science is yet to support its claims and may attribute the practice of smudging and saging to the Placebo effect. But Rituals are a proven model to harness your mind. 

So, by smudging we are knocking our sense, dropping our guard, and telling our mind it is time to breathe the positivity dispelling negativity within and around you.

Once you began to do it often, you can feel the difference. The same way you feel when you visit church or temple, you will have a sense of positive vibes around you. 

Creates An Ambiance Of Positivity

Creating a positive environment sends all the right signals to the mind. Using any kind of smoke from white sages to Palo Santo woods stick burning, it gives a meditative effect to your mind. 

Be aware of the incense you smell from saging, listen to the slow-burning of the wood sticks, the smoke rising, and visualize your mind activating in positive vibes dispelling negativity.  

Lightening Up Your Mood 

The incense left after burning the sage or wood sticks of Palo Santo, leaves a refreshing effect. Once you feel good about the surrounding, you would have a perception of change of accepting the new lighten mood. 

Some of the substances also known to be slightly psychoactive. So, smudging can increase your focus and keeps negativity at bay.  

De-stressing Agents

White sage is known to have certain properties that create activities in your brain. The sage incense opens the receptors in your brain. These receptors function to control pain, mood swings, and stress levels.

Backed by the research of the University of Mississippi, 2016, white sage smudging can alleviate pain level, enhance your mood level, and work as a destressing agent.  

Purifying Agent

The sage is known for its anti-microbial properties. It works effectively to keep bacteria, fungi, and viruses away. Also, against insects, it is an efficient deterrent. 

The smudging essential ensure the space you live in stays healthy and free of harm.

Working As A Negative Ion

The pollutant, dust, and molds are known to be positive ions. However, the ions released by burning sage or Palo Santo woods are known to release negatively charged ions. The convergence of these two types of positively charged and negatively charged ions will neutralize the harmful effect. 

If you have any respiratory conditions the pollutants, the dust can aggravate your breathing. Filling the room with the incense of any common sage, white sage bundle or Palo Santo stick woods removed the irritants and create a breathable and safe space. Please note not to fill the entire room with saging smoke. Keep its moderate with good airflow. 

Alleviating Symptoms of Illness

Some initial researches suggest treating your surrounding mindfully, using white sage incense can treat neuro-diseases. It has some positive results against dementia, Alzheimer’s disease. 

The white sage has also effect on feeling you feel refreshed and calm. Smudging is known to be active against fatigue, depression, and anxiety as well. 

So uncovering the ancient rituals of Smudging and seeing it new light suited to our times have brought us to this point where we can adopt these practices for our own benefit. The burning of sage is a ritual with spirituality connotation but an effective way of dispelling negativity as well.

How To Practice Smudging

Smudging should not be done in haste. It should be done with the right mindset, using the right sage or using the other ingredients like cleansing crystals, Palo Santo wood, and creating the right ambiance.

Prepare your space: As the saying goes ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’. The first step is to clean the space, you home. Keep it well aerated for airflow. Also, the smoke from saging to flow out and not accumulate. Keeps any inflammable material like curtains, pillow at a safe distance

Setting the Ambience – You can try setting up some light music that goes with a calming tone. Avoid any loud music. Try to have something suitable in the background with a soothing cadence. You can try a few mix-ups to find what works best for you. Also, you can use scented candles to light up space.

Focus on the things you want to feel positive about: Once you have the home ready, sit down for a few minutes, and focus on what are the things you want to get right? It always helps if you are more focused on certain goals. 

  • It could be for you to keep up good health
  • It could be for you to keep peace of mind
  • It could be for you to find the rest

Pick Your Ingredients 

The ingredients are easily accessible and some  variation may happen based on region to region supplies. Popular smudging substances are common sage, white sage, Palo Santo wood sticks, herb bundles, etc. 

The incense from each type of sage would be different and you can check it before use. 

Slow Burn 

Once you have all the ingredients and your room set-up, burn the tip of the sage or wood stick. Blow it using a fan or gentling by your mouth. Once it has light up, let it breathe for a few moments. Do not breathe the smoke directly as it rises.  

Let The Room Breathe


Take the burning sage or wood sticks to each corner of your house. Wave the sage gently to let its smoke spread. Keep the room well aerated, so it does not get stuffy. 

Once the smoke is spread, allow yourself a few calm moments and revisit your space quietly. 


Crystals can bring a positive effect on your space. The use of crystals is both pleasant to the eyes and has some effect on the mind as a positive agent.  

Body Smudging 

The practice of smudging your space can also be extended to smudging the body. The effect is not entirely backed by scientific research but bathing in the incense given by saging has some effect on your mind perhaps the strength to fight the pain. 

  • Focus on the parts you want to be healed 
  • Focus on the pain points 
  • Keep the sage a bit far from you while moving over your body. A good measure is keeping at an arms distance and moving the sage slowly over your body. 
  • Do not inhale too much of the smoke. Keep waving it away. 
  • Focus on the pain points healing
  • Visualize your body parts healing 

Smudging Objects 

Like body smudging, smudging of home, objects can also be smudged. Generally, objects which are held dear, precious are smudged for its effect on you. It could be jewelry, new furniture, or any sacred object. 

Given the utility of smudging practice – use of sage for saging , Palo Santo woods for burning the negativity away or use of crystals to stay positive there is no harm in trying it.

Smudging can be done as a spiritual ritual as accepted in many religious practices or can be done under the modern pretence to train your mind to create a positive environment. Either way, it is an effective practice and can help you cleanse your mind and home.  

It is recommended to have the smudging practice regularly daily or alternate days. Or you can have it periodically, once a week, every weekend, bi-weekly as it suits you. You can start with fewer days and later can increase the frequency as you see the positive binding effect 

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