Crystal Healing


Life and the world can get pretty chaotic. This can have a profound impact on you, without you realising where it’s coming from. Ever felt like your head is full of fog, a bit numb and sometimes even incapacitated? These are classic signs that you are out of alignment and out of sync from your natural vibration. Cue healing crystals. I’m sure you’ve probably seen loads of beautiful crystals glint and glimmer across your Instagram feed. Healing crystals are super Instagrammable, but that’s not why we love them. Healing crystals are a powerful source of energy, naturally formed in the Earth’s crust over millions of years. They are like memory boxes capturing major fluctuations in the Earth’s behavior and are one of the most stable forms found on Earth. These properties make crystals the ideal companion in reducing noise in a chaotic mind, dispelling negativity and creating calm through meditation and mindfulness practices.

Though it’s only recently gained a rise in popularity, crystal healing is an age-old method of helping us find answers to spiritual questions, healing ailments of the mind and body and guiding us through life’s ups and downs.

The practice of crystal healing focuses on boosting your positive energy. Crystal healing also works around the construct of Chakras. Chakras originate from Hindu and Buddhist beliefs, termed as the energy centre of the body. Crystal healing aimed at these chakras can unwind pent up and negative energy blocking you from vibrating at your natural state.

Ok, so the talk of energies and chakras can get kind of overwhelming, we wanted to break out this post into small manageable chunks, setting you up with a good foundation for your crystal journey.

What Are Crystals?


Crystallography the science of studying crystal attribute crystal to its unique geometric configuration. The atoms and molecules in the crystals are highly ordered, periodic in its microscopic structure.

The terms crystal is derived from the Greek word “Krustallos” meaning “Rock crystal” and “Ice”. It has a distinct structure and appearance. The inner chemistry allows crystals to reflect, channel, hold the light, or energy in different proportions. The unique properties of crystal has intrigued humankind for thousands of years and has led into the field of crystal healing.

Using the energy of the crystals there are different uses of crystals. Crystals respond to energy and oscillate - channelling vibrations and specific frequencies. There are numerous applications of crystals in technology, gadgets, and other sciences. In this post we would be primarily focusing on different types of crystal with its specific healing properties.

Why Are Crystals Used? 

Crystals have properties that allow them to vibrate and oscillate different frequencies as well as absorb and radiate energies. As we mentioned above, you vibrate too! Think about when you are happy and buzzing, do you ever get a feeling of happiness so powerful it feels like its bursting through your chest? That’s because, when you’re happy you are emitting high vibrations. Now, have a think about a time when you are lacking energy, feeling negative you and just dull and blah? That’s because you are emitting low vibrations.

Take a few moments, sit with yourself and think about how you are feeling right now and write it down? What kind of energy are you emitting?

Now that you’ve identified how you’re feeling, think about of crystals as you would think of clothes. When you’re ready to conquer the world, you may reach for a well-tailored and structured suit to make you feel powerful, if you’re feeling chilled out, you may gravitate to a light and floaty dress. Crystals work in the same way, each with their own magical properties, they are your own personal kit curated to work with your vibration. in lifting you up and calming you down depending on your needs. The enabling of the chakras and crystals a potent tool to achieve it. Having a basic understanding of these properties can greatly help you select a crystal that meets your needs.

The use of healing crystals can be found throughout history and are most prominently featured in South American tribes and Hindu and Buddhist religions. Crystals are used to be placed around these chakras which are on the forehead between your eyes, throat, chest, stomach, lower abdomen, etc. for its healing effect. The number of chakras may vary - Hindu practitioners speak of 7 chakras whereas Buddhist practitioner claim 5 chakras.

Crystals have been used for healing for thousands of years now. Crystal healing could be of body, mind, or life itself soul healing.

Modern science is now waking up to the incredible power of meditation, mindfulness in harnessing the tremendous power of the brain, and understating the mystery our mind is. Crystal healing is another tool that also essentially connects its vibrations to our brain physically or metaphysically to form an uplifted spirit, positive disposition, and healing effect on part of our body. 

There are many popular crystals which are recommended extensively by the practitioners who understand the specific energy of the crystals. Amethyst crystals, Clear quartz crystals, Rose quartz crystals, Black obsidian crystals are few of the popular ones used to their remarkable power in crystal healing.

Importance Of Understanding A Crystals Origin 

Crystals are true earth gems and found across the world in different terrain and conditions.  Crystals are found in different countries subcontinents of Asia, Countries of Africa, or any other mineral-rich countries. The crystals could be sourced from mines in Africa, volcanos, and mountains.

It is a good practice to always ask for crystal origination from your seller. Since crystals are impacted by energy good and bad, it is crucial that the crystals are sourced conflict-free. Popular termed as a blood diamond, the trade of gems based on lives on people in third world countries, squeezing the shine out of their lives. Ensure that your gem, your crystal is not part of such a supply chain. Crystal healing originates from the very source until it becomes part of you.  

Popular Crystals And Their Healing Properties  


Now when we understand where crystal healing has its root from? why it is used? In this section, we would discuss on helping you pick the right crystal for specific crystal healing needs.

Amethyst Crystals


The Amethyst crystals are the violet variety of quartz. It has a distinct purple hue that is unmistakable to the eyes. It looks pretty and has high energy with super high vibrations which open this crystal for its utility in crystal healing practices.  

The Amethyst crystal is sourced from Siberia, Srilanka, Uruguay, Brazil, India, United States and Canada.

Key Crystal Healing Properties of Amethyst: 

Amethyst crystal connects with sixth and seventh chakras also termed as third eye and crown. 

  • Amethyst Crystals tap into our intuition also termed as a gut feeling. 
  • It boosts confidence.
  • It helps connect to our inner self – aiding in spirituality. 
  • It helps us meditate better. 
  • It calms the mind
  • It has a detoxing effect on the body – curing headaches and hangover. 

How are Amethyst Crystals used for crystal healing? 

The Amethyst crystal is supposed to be stirred in your drinking water and drink the water. 

  • Place the Amethyst crystal in your water filter, bottle, or pitcher and consume the water every day for its healing effect.
  • The Amethyst crystal is safe to put in water. It has no toxicity associated. 
  • However, clean the crystal thoroughly before using it. 

Black Obsidian Crystals 

The black obsidian crystals originate in a volcano. It is a type of volcanic glass which formed from lava cooling rich in minerals. 

It is sourced from the regions where there is a high amount of volcanic activity. Popular sources are countries like the United States, Japan, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, Italy and Russia.

Key Crystal Healing Properties of Black Obsidian Crystal: 

  • It is used as a shield against negativity.
  • It protects both against mental and physical negativity
  • It keeps you grounded rooted with your fundamentals 
  • It does so by enhancing the feeling of compassion 
  • It also boosts your inner strength 
  • It brings mental clarity 
  • It helps in reducing pain and muscle cramps. 
  • It may cater to digestion and detoxification of the body as well

How Are Black Obsidian Crystals Used For Crystal Healing? 

It is a first chakra stone also termed as root stone. Below are the different ways it can be used: 

  • It can be used in your pillowcase while sleeping. 
  • Place it near your head on the nightstand
  • Hold it gently in your palm while sleeping, resting or meditating

Citrine Crystals


Citrine crystal is associated with the power center of the body, third eye chakra, is an amber-colored quartz crystal. Citrine is the most popular crystal for manifestation and is filled with optimistic energy. 
It is primarily obtained from Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Spain, Scotland, Russia, Myanmar and Zambia.   

Key Crystal Healing Properties of Citrine Crystal: 

  • Full of positive energy
  • Use
  • Helps advance in leadership qualities especially for women leaders 
  • Highly associated with wealth 
  • Fosters creativity and a healthy imagination 
  • Helps balance life and work
  • Boosts your self-confidence and self-belief. 

How Are Citrine Crystal Used For Crystal Healing? 

Citrine Crystals are kept close to your wealth, money bills to create a more positive effect. Follow the below steps for thirty days’ abundance: 

  • Create the ideal ambiance for manifesting - fill your space with inspirational items and images. You can create a vision board where you pin your deepest ambitions and aspirations you wish for your life. Many have opted for following the deep traditions of Buddhist and Hindu religions and use the money tree as in Buddhism it showcases growth and prosperity. Many also use the image or figure of Hindu Goddesses Laxmi who is synonymous with wealth and prosperity. 
  • Once you have the right set-up take a moment to cleanse the air with burning sage or palo santo wood sticks. Gently fill the room with it and tap the smoke to every corner of the house or room. 
  • By repeating the practice, it creates abundance with peace. 

Clear Quartz Crystals 

Clear quartz connects with the 7th chakra the crown of the head. It is full of healing positive energy. It is also termed as the master healer.  

This crystal is found in the mountain regions of the Himalaya, Swiss Alps, or countries like Peru, Brazil, United States and Madagascar.

Key crystal healing properties of Clear Quartz Crystal:

The crystal is used for its incredible power to amplify energy and thoughts. 

  • It can create a more positive impact on meditation and spiritual practices 
  • It helps connect with inner self and intuition. 
  • It makes you focus better, impacts concentration and enhance your memory.
  • It has a key impact on serving as an immunity booster and finding the right balance. 

How Are Clear Quartz Crystal Used For Crystal Healing? 

The clear quartz crystals are best used in tandem with another crystal. It amplifies the vibrations of other crystals along with its own healing properties. 

Chrysocolla Crystals 

Chrysocolla Crystals also are known as the Goddesses stone has special significance and healing properties for Women. It is found in countries like Peru, Chile, Israel, Zaire, England, Russia and United States. 

Key Crystal Healing Properties Of Chrysocolla Crystal: 

  • The Chrysocolla crystal is linked with fourth and fifth chakra i.e., heart and throat. It helps in reaching one’s depth, especially linked with feminine power 
  • It moderates strong communication and expressions 
  • It increases your focus in education and increases your learnability 
  • It truly connects your words and actions.
  • It helps in calming your mind and thoughts. 
  • It brings more compassion. 
  • You can feel the connection of ancient wisdom giving you extra edge and power 

How Chrysocolla Crystal are used for crystal healing? 

The Chrysocolla crystal embodies the construct of karma. The crystal healing process includes a change from within. 

  • It calls for you to appreciate people around you.
  • Show respect to the woman’s associated with your life. It can be an acquaintance, family, or friend. Mean your words, let it come from your heart.
  • This is followed by a session of solitude – sit in an isolated place, with crystal in your right hand to meditate. 
  • Visualize good, visualize the energy originating from your good deed, and healing your body and mind empowering you. Send some good vibes to that person as well.
  • Repeat every day for a few minutes for thirty days.

Carnelian Crystals 

Found in the region of the United States, Madagascar, Brazil, Uruguay, India, etc. Carnelian crystals are known for their effect on female reproduction prowess. 

Key crystal healing properties of Carnelian Crystal: 

Mainly associated with female reproduction-related healing. It boosts their fertility, the very life making ability. It is associated with second chakra i.e., sacral chakra. 

How Carnelian Crystal are used for crystal healing? 

  • Keep it along with your sanitary products 
  • Keep it in your hand and massage it gently 
  • Rub the crystal over your stomach and lower abdomen. 

Rose Quartz Crystals

As the crystal carries a pinkish hue it is pleasant and a crystal of love and compassion. It is taken from countries like the United States, Madagascar, India, Brazil and Germany. 

Key crystal healing properties of Rose Quartz Crystal: 

  • The Rose quartz baby pink crystal promotes the feeling of love. It encompasses love for self and others. 
  • Rose quartz creates a calming effect on you. It keeps you stress-free and lowers down the anxiety and anger level.  
  • It works to increase your self-esteem, self-confidence. 
  • It helps in striking an emotional balance and a more relaxed person. 

How Rose Quartz Crystals are used for crystal healing? 

The use of Rose quartz crystal requires some preparation:

  • First, cleanse the crystal in sunlight, moonlight, burning sage, palo santo, or using salt. Secondly, let the rose quartz crystal sit in a bowl of water for a day from dusk to dawn. Thirdly, transfer the water to a bottle and add a few drops of scented oil like argan oil, jojoba, or almond oil. General practice is 22 drops from a dropper for precise measurement. 
  • Shake it and use it often or whenever you feel like you need a few drops of love scented crystal healing

Lapis Lazuli Crystals 


The Lapis lazuli crystal operates on the fifth chakra. It is found in India, United States, Madagascar, Brazil and Uruguay.

Key crystal healing properties of Lapis Lazuli Crystal: 

  • The Lapis Lazuli crystal is also called a worry stone. It helps in power speaking. It takes away your anxiety, your stage fright, and boosts more controlled speech. 
  • Provides self-confidence and lower done the stress level 
  • It also brings more verity and grace into your speech

How Lapis Lazuli Crystal is used for crystal healing? 

The crystal is recommended to be held in the left hand while speaking, giving a speech on stage, or in a group. 
Here we have seen varieties of crystals with remarkable healing properties. The crystal healing is a promising zone and with a little faith and belief, you can condition your mind to be more receptive to its healing effect. 
Pick your right crystal to practice crystal healing. It is also recommended to consult a regular or certified practitioner to understand what kind of crystal will best suit you. Also, your intuition is key if you do not feel the crystal is right for you and do not feel any change discuss it, bring it up to find the right one, to practice the miracles of crystal healing.

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