Crystal Care & Programming

Crystals are known for their unique properties. They are vibrational beings and respond to energy and light in a fashion which has intrigued Shamanic practitioners to modern-day Hindu and Buddhist priests.

Crystals are also distinct in the way it connects personal energy and hence emotions; the tone it can establish with people. Crystal healing is one of the oldest methods of healing your body, mind, and soul. But the practice of crystal healing involves the discipline of crystal care and crystal programming to achieve the best  

Why Is Crystal Care Important?

Crystals are known to carry energy, respond to energy. They are purest in their raw form when extracted from the earth. But as they came in contact with the surroundings, several other people, it also soaks in their energies good or bad. By the time the crystal reaches your hand, it is not the same crystal that was unearthed with its raw purity. Hence, it is of utmost importance to cleanse your crystals before use. 

Also, after repeated use, the crystal may not vibe the same. A lot in crystal healing is dependent on the intuition and the positive vibes the crystals emit. Frequent use may load the crystal with a lot of not so good energy and calls for care. Another reason why it is important to have crystal care at regular interval

Crystal Care Methods

Crystal care is a subtle yet simple art. A lot depends on how you feel the right kind of care is. Here we will look at the different ways of crystal care which can be done in isolation or conjunction with other methods as well. 

The first step before proceeding with the crystal care methods is to have the mindset on the specific objectives and intentions.

  • I want to feel calmer
  • I want to feel less anxious 
  • I want to feel more stable with my thoughts 
  • I want to heal my pain points 
  • I want to enrich my bodily functions, etc. 
  • Re-iterating the intentions clear the haze in your mind and channel the same to the crystal 

Once you have the intentions clear, you can practice the below crystal care method

1. Smudging Crystal Care Method 

Smudging is an age-old crystal care technique. It requires some preparation, to begin with. 

  • You can use sage, common sage or white sage bundles for the practice 
  • You can use palo santo wood sticks 
  • The sage bundles, wood sticks are available in different incense, you can pick the ones you like

Burn the sage or the wood sticks and smoke the crystal gently with it. Do not take the burning sage too close to the crystal. Also, you can have a calming ambiance at home with appropriate music, candles, etc.

2. Salt Crystal Care Method

This method of crystal care uses salt or rice. The natural sea salt or the Himalayan pink salt is the recommended choice for the practice. As for rice, any type of rice would do. The salt and rice are known to absorb the negative energies of the crystal:

  • Take a bowl that is large enough to hold the crystal. 
  • Fill the bowl with salt or rice 
  • Some crystal may get some scratch using salt, rice is an equally good alternative for such crystals 
  • Place the crystal on the bowl, bury it in the salt or rice. 
  • Leave it for the night, preferably 24 hours
  • Take it out and dispose of the used rice or salt. 

3. Sound Crystal Care Method

The sound crystal care method channels the positive vibrations to the crystal and cleanses it of the negativity or unwanted vibes. The popular sound crystal care instruments including a bell, a chime, a singing bowl, tuning fork, your voice – enchanting any mantras or ‘Om’ or any other musical instruments you feel calm with. Sound crystal care can also be done along with other crystal care practices.

4. Water Crystal Care Method 

The water crystal care uses another natural element water for the cleansing of the crystal. Before taking up this crystal care practice, be sure that the crystal will not be damaged by water. A quick lookup or check with the professionals will give your idea which ones are suitable for this method. 

  • Take a glass bowl and fill it with water 
  • Submerged the crystal in the bowl
  • Place the bowl by the window where it can collect sun and moonlight
  • Moonlight is known to cleanse the crystal, whereas the sunlight can reenergize it, making it active for use.
  • You can also place the bowl outside as well 
  • Keep the crystal-like this for at least 24 hours
  • Discard the water, do not use it for any other purpose.
  • You can also look for a natural source of water like a river, lake, or creek. You can do the cleansing in the natural set-up or can fetch the water and do it at home. 

5. Using Other Crystals Or Substances For Crystal Care

  • Using other crystals also, the crystals can be cleansed. The use of crystals to cleanse other crystal is simple and doesn’t require any specific preparation: 
  • Use the tumbled stones and keep them in the same bag with the crystals. It is an effective crystal clearing technique 
  • Use clear quartz cluster or amethyst cluster crystal and leave your crystals with these overnight or for 24 hours. 
  • The flowers can also be used for crystal care – say rose petals, honeysuckle, lotus petals, etc. can be used to wrap the stone and cleanse it

Burying the stone in the sand, the earth is also effective. The crystals come from the volcano, mountains, or mines. So, burying the crystal in the sand maybe like that of a beach or desert, or in your backyard for a day, it removes all the newly captured unwanted vibes from it. Crystals have a deep connection from the earth as they are originated within the earth, and by returning the crystal to the earth, you restore the crystal to its original state. 

When To Care For & Programme Your Crystal

Crystal care can be done periodically after certain days or after every time you use the crystal. The instances to use crystal care could be as below

  • The first time you get the crystal from the shop
  • After you use it for crystal healing 
  • Around New moon – It is a good practice to have your crystal care rituals during the new moon. Get your crystal cleansed, intention, goals right in your mind for the waxing cycle of the moon. Bath the crystal in the new moon energy which helps to cleanse it. You can take the crystal outside or place it by the window
  • Full Moon – Another right time to cleanse the crystal is during the full moon. The full energy helps cleanse it and re-activate its energy core rebooting the crystal removing stagnant vibrations.  

Why Is Crystal Programming Important? 

Crystal healing requires you to follow certain precise maneuvers. Using the methods of crystal care, crystal programming you make this tool of healing more effective and impactful. 

Crystal programming is about tuning in the crystal with your intentions, with your frequency. It is about focusing on a healing objective and mindfully connecting everything to its aid. 

Also. The healing goals may change; we want to focus on another intention with time which is perfectly fine. So, can we switch from one goal to another without programming the crystal? The answer is simple, we have to do crystal programming and reset the crystal to this new intention. A loose analogy is inserting the desired program on the computer you want to run.

How To Programme Your Crystal?

Once we have understood why it is important to go for crystal programming, below we will discuss the steps required to program your crystal for good.

1. Select Your Crystal


The first step is to identify the right kind of crystal that resonates with you. You can refer to the guides available or can consult a practitioner which crystal will best suit your being. 

Crystals impact distinct chakras, a concept of power center focusing on forehead, throat, heart, stomach, etc. which release power and can heal as well. The right crystal will help you tap into this energy and channel it for your specific healing needs.

Crystals like Amethyst affect our minds and help us be calmer, more intuitive. Citrine brings positivity and optimism. Another example Carnelian Crystal boost fertility in women.  

Similarly, there are different crystals and the one suited for you could be identified with some initial effort. 

2. Choose Your Place of Practice

It is always recommended to perform the practice of crystal healing in a solitary place without any disturbance and distractions. Likewise, for crystal programming pick your sacred place where you can sit quietly and perform crystal programming, connect with the crystal without any hiccups in between.

You can always add more to the surrounding by smudging burning sage bundles, using incense from wood sticks of Palo Santo. Also, be mindful to pick a well lit and well-aerated place. 

3. Music & Mantras

Setting up the right ambiance inside is as much important as the outside. The music helps to tone the surroundings for crystal programming practice, whereas the mantras enchanting taps into your inner self. 

4. Intention Setting 

The intention setting needs some cognitive effort. You can start by accepting what your pain points are and where you need to focus your energy. 

You can ask for protection, love, abundance, confidence, fertility, etc. 

It is always best to write down what you seek. Always be aware of the changes you seek, the pain points, crystals deal with it in a metaphorical level, and tune in your energy, absorbing the negativity to help you heal. So, do not write worldly objectives but the ones you want to deal with. 

5. Dedicating Yourself To The Crystal 

Once you have the goals set, best to focus one thing at a time, speak to the crystal in clear and concise wording - say I dedicate myself to be a more positive person. This helps connect you to the crystal with a purpose.

6. Mindful Visualization 

The crystal programming requires you to visualize everything in details. Place the crystal between your forehead, what Hindus and Buddhist term as the Third Eye and start the visualization. Gently close your eyes with few deep breathes and as you do imagine the crystal light up.

Visualize all your intentions are already realized and you are living as a more confident, positive person with love. Imagine the sensation of How are you feeling now with this new self? Imagine your crystal is beaming with light. This binds you emotionally with the crystal also termed as the setting of mega-charged intentions. 

7. Practicing Gratitude

Being grateful is a great way to open yourself for possibilities. Be grateful that you have found a great piece of crystal, vibe it, imagine it light up every time you practice crystal healing. Be grateful to the very source from it has come from, the mountains, the volcano, the earth. 

8. Breathing Techniques

Now lastly breathe with it. You can take some take deep breathes keeping the crystal around or on your palm and feel the warmth of your new energized crystal programmed for your practice.

Final Words On Practice

As a good practice keep the crystal carefully by your nightstand, by an idol of your God & Goddesses. You can wear it if suggested by the practitioner. Nonetheless, keep it away from other influences in your personal space. 

A crystal becomes as much a part of you as you would let it. And the more you let this positive ball of light connect to you better the results will be. 

Crystal care and crystal programming are practices that can benefit you immensely in the process of crystal healing. By investing some time, you can get a proportional positive outcome. 

Also, a sense of spirituality, metaphorical aspect is attached to the crystal. So, do not hanker after the desires and deeds and attach it to the crystal. It is important to focus on the right thing and let the practice of crystal healing guide you. 

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