Ease Back to School Stress (For Both You and Your Children!)

During the hustle and bustle of autumn, it can be easy to be swept up in school-related anxieties–but what if we told you that there was a way to ease back to school stress for both you and your children?

Here are three steps you can implement daily to scale back stress and keep you centered around a gratitude mindset:

#1: Meditate in the Mornings

Especially when school starts up again for your kids, it can become second-nature to be consumed by their needs. Are their lunches packed? Are their teeth brushed? (And, when they’re teenagers, are they out of bed yet?)

However, before doing things for them remember to do something for yourself

The best way to do this is by meditating in the mornings. Even if it’s simply waking up 10 minutes earlier than your usual time, meditating can be done in any quiet, tranquil place in your home. Either sitting or standing, set a time limit, focus on breathing deeply, and orbit your thoughts around that breathing. If your mind wanders, be kind to yourself. When the time limit has been met, stretch and know that you can now get your morning done with less anxiety.

Why? Because when we wake up, roll out of bed, and rush headlong into a stressful situation, we’re setting up our entire day to feel “rushed” and laden with anxiety. Trust us: both you and your kids deserve more than that!

#2: Keep a Gratitude Journal

When you’re swept up in your daily checklists, remembering to take stock of the things that really matter–like sending your kids off to the first day of school, the leaves slowly turning gold outside your kitchen window as time creeps closer to winter, or quiet moments with your coffee and favourite book–tend to slip away.

To counteract this, try a gratitude journal. A gratitude journal can be a bullet point list of the highlights of your day, full paragraphs detailing tiny moments you’re thankful for, or even self-affirming statements like, “I did a great job at managing stress today.”

To make it a family-friendly activity and help ease back to school stress for your children as well, you can even invite them to participate–giving each member of the family their own section of the gratitude journal to write in can make for fond memories to look back on when the kids are older!

#3: Don’t Underestimate the Power of Soothing Scents

When looking to ease back to school stress, don’t underestimate the power of soothing scents.

Prepare for a new school year by releasing old energy with the Dispel Candle from our Meditation Collection. This smoky, quartz-infused candle blends delicate citrus notes with spices to help clear out negative energy–while simultaneously creating a soothing, cozy atmosphere for your home.

Made with luxury wax, hand-poured to order, and with a burn time of 40 or more hours, this candle is a must-have for those looking to take their stress relief to the next level.

Ease Back to School Stress This Fall With Luna London Candles

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