Enhance Your At-Home Yoga Practice

Are you ready to enhance your at-home yoga practice?

If so, you’re in the right place.

Here at Luna London Candles, we are enormous advocates of daily yoga… and, whether you’re a brand-new yogi or have been practicing for years, there are always ways to take your routine to the next level!

#1: Sanctify a Place in Your Home for Practice

Do you roll out your yoga mat in a different place every day, depending on what environment?

Sometimes it might be the bedroom for convenience, or in the living room to watch TV as you stretch… but what if we told you that sanctifying a specific place in your home for practice will actually make a world of difference to the quality of your yoga?

When you practice, yoga should be your main focus–and carving out a specific space as your yoga “altar,” so to speak, can help keep you grounded and focused on the task at hand!

Here are some tips for choosing your space:

  • If possible, set up your yoga space somewhere with natural light
  • Keep it free from distractions, like roommates, spouses, or TV noise
  • Stow away your phone so you’re not tempted to procrastinate throughout your routine

#2: Be Smart About Your Sequencing

To achieve consistency, improvement, and meditation throughout your routine, it’s recommended to follow the same sequence of yoga moves during every practice.

Why? Well, this repetition acts as a benchmark for you to see yourself continuously better yourself. Rather than internally debating which pose to do next, you already know–which leaves more room to focus on your posture, breathing, and focus. 

The result? Yoga practice that transports you to a more meditative place, so that, each and every time you leave the map, you feel more present and at peace than before.

#3: End With Quieting Poses

Quieting yoga poses include:

  • The Seated Forward Bend
  • The Garland Pose
  • The Child’s Pose
  • The Legs-Up-On-Wall Pose
  • The Fish Pose
  • The Corpse Pose

Ending your yoga practice with quieting poses boosts your relaxation, helping settle your mind for the day (or night!) ahead. Benefits of relaxing yourself through yoga include lowering your blood pressure, improving digestion, easing muscle soreness, bolstering energy levels, enhancing sleep duration, and keeping yourself feeling content–physically, mentally, and emotionally.

To enhance your at-home yoga practice, we recommend incorporating these quieting poses into your existing morning ritual. You’ll feel so much better once you’ve stretched your muscles and gotten a little blood flowing!

#4: Make Your Yoga Routine Your Own

Last but certainly not least, your yoga practice should be entirely customized to your own preferences and needs–from the poses you practice all the way down to the ambience you pick for it.

Here at Luna London Candles, we wear our Luck Aventurine Crystal Healing Bracelet to add a layer of alignment to our yoga routine–and provide a natural energizing boost!

Are you ready to enhance your at-home yoga routine? We can’t wait to hear which of these tips you’re planning on implementing first!

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