Manifestation Rituals To Achieve Your Dreams In 2022

Finding the right manifestation rituals to achieve your dreams in 2022 might sound daunting, but it’s about supporting yourself on a journey of self-discovery. The more you’re able to think mindfully about what matters to you and what you want out of your life, the more you’ll be able to find soothing rituals that light your path.

Whether you’ve got big dreams or modest ones, a specific goal in mind or you just want to be kinder to yourself overall, finding the right manifestation rituals can help you achieve your dreams this year.

What is manifestation and how can it help you achieve your dreams?

You’ve likely heard of ‘manifestation,’ because it’s become quite buzzy in recent years. And we all know that ‘buzzy’ doesn’t always work.

So don’t let the buzziness of manifestation dissuade you from exploring this age-old tradition. Many people believe that ‘like attracts like,’ and countless cultures for countless centuries have explored how to reflect, channel, create and hold on to positive energy to manifest positive outcomes.

This isn’t ‘magic’ (although it can certainly be magical). Manifestation is about becoming aware of the energy, vibrations, and mental and emotional states you live in and focus on. Yes, ‘I speak, therefore I am.’ But also, ‘I think, therefore I am,’ ‘I believe, therefore I am,’ and ‘I feel, therefore I am.’ In other words, what we focus on matters.

Once you become more aware of your thoughts and emotions, you can think about whether they’re serving you—and if there are other thoughts and emotions that are more worthy of your time and energy. What are your values? What are your dreams? What are your goals? Ask yourself these questions, and really take time to listen to the answer. Then, use manifestation rituals to get there.

The power of rituals and how to use them to manifest your desires

Don’t let the word ‘ritual’ scare you off with visions of something either too complex or too creepy to actually try yourself.

When it comes to manifesting your desires, rituals are really just planned, regular moments of mindfulness, where you focus on what you’re trying to achieve or receive. Simple is often best. And like we explored when discussing how to start your mindfulness practice, it’s ok to start small.

The power of rituals isn’t magic. The power of rituals for manifesting your dreams is that they regularly give you a small moment out of your day in which you can focus on your breath, on the moment, on the energy around you, and on what you want to bring into your life. It’s really that simple.

Ultimately, using rituals to manifest your desires is really about making time to focus on your desires, and why they matter to you. 

Simple Manifestation Rituals You Can Do Every Day


  • Light a candle. This is one of our favourite evening rituals to unwind from the day, especially when you choose calming meditation candles with scents like lavender, musk, and jasmine. To turn this relaxing ritual into a manifesting one, simply recite your intentions and desires as you light your candle, inviting the element of fire to bring them forward.
  • Use crystals. Many people believe that using crystals for manifestation can be an important element to physical, mental, and emotional healing. If you’re new to manifesting with crystals, you might want to start with rose quartz healing crystals to manifest more love in your life—because whether or not we’re looking for romantic love specifically, it’s a safe bet that we could all use a little more love.
  • Journal on the new moon. Creating both new moon and full moon rituals is a beautiful way to become more connected with nature and yourself. Since the new moon represents a new start, it’s a particularly lovely time to think about what you’d like to manifest. Think about your dreams and ambitions, envision what you’d like to achieve, then write it all down. Do this regularly, and it can become an incredibly powerful ritual you look forward to each month.

Finally, we recommend using this manifesting affirmation ritual to achieve your dreams (and be sure to follow us on Instagram for more inspiration). Happy manifesting.

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