First Quarter Moon Rituals

There are opportunities for mindfulness and self care all around us, if you know how to look for them. One of the best ways to find them? Look up.

We humans have studied the moon for millennia, before we had the telescopes and science to fully understand it. Intuitively, we just knew that it compelled and united us, and that it had regular cycles we could track along with the cycles in our own lives.

Today, whether you believe in ‘magic’ or not, following the moon’s cycles is a beautiful and moving way to connect with nature and ourselves. Connecting rituals to different moon cycles in particular is an easy way to bring more mindfulness into your life.

First quarter moon rituals offer an opportunity to reflect on your goals and take action towards them. These rituals often include journaling, meditation, or affirmations.

Here’s how to get started.

What Is A Quarter Moon?

There’s a good chance you call the quarter moon a ‘half moon.’ This is the time in the lunar cycle where on earth, we see half of the moon illuminated. But think about it: we’re only seeing the front half of the moon. Do a little math, remember the moon is actually a 3D object, and voilà: you’re looking at what scientists call a quarter moon.

We’ll see half the moon illuminated like this twice in the lunar cycle. Like the name suggests, the first quarter moon comes first, after the new moon. You’ll see the right half of the moon illuminated when the moon is in the first quarter like this.

Quarter Moon Rituals

We’ve already explored new moon and full moon rituals. The new moon starts the lunar cycle, so many people (and cultures) treat it as a new beginning. The new moon is an opportunity to make plans and dream big (often supported by amethyst crystals). This is a time to reflect, and think about what we’d like to change or manifest in our lives. 

The first quarter moon comes about a week after the new moon. This makes it a good time to check in on your plans—especially since for many people, the energy of the first quarter cycle (also called ‘waxing’) is about taking action.

Taking action will look different depending on your goals. If your goal for this lunar cycle was to approach your boss, this would be a good time to follow through. But sometimes, following our goals might be about doing less, not more. For example, if you’re trying to slow down, then you might decide to commit to evening rituals to unwind. Taking action, in this sense, would actually be about taking less action. You do you.

This is also a good time to channel your mental and physical energy in a positive direction. You might try some cleansing rituals or crystal healing. And no one ever went wrong with a good journaling session, especially during this time of the lunar cycle. 

Connect With The Fire Element For The First Quarter Moon

Like we’ve said, the cycles of the moon offer a chance to connect with nature. The fire element is about getting things done, making it the perfect element to embrace now. So you may want to start a first quarter moon ritual of lighting a fire scented candle, thinking about what you’d like to accomplish as you look into the flame.  

Ultimately, we believe candles can bring calm and meaning into our lives, which makes them a beautiful addition to include in your first quarter moon rituals. Shop our complete elements collection here.


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