New Moon Rituals for Letting Go

Once a month, a new moon occurs when the sun and moon meet in the sky. This meeting leads to a different and original light cycle that lasts three days. With this new occurrence comes a chance to take the first steps to letting go of negativity.

A new moon is the perfect time to set new goals and begin the projects you’ve been working on. To learn how to conduct your own new moon ritual for letting go, read on:

Step #1: Gather Your Supplies

The supplies you need for a new moon ritual are sage, a bowl of water, candles, and matches. The sage is used to cleanse your body, mind and the space you are using to perform the ritual of any negativity. 

The bowl of water symbolizes cleansing and the purity of new intentions you intend to bring to life. The matches are used to light the sage and the candle. After the sage cleansing; light the candle and focus on the candle’s energy as you enter a deeper meditative state. 

We here at Luna London have a meditation candle collection for your meditation needs and practices, which include:

  • A self-love candle 
  • A calm candle
  • A dispel candle 

…all crafted to help you engage in a meditative mindset. 

Step #2: Cleanse Your Space 

For the second step of the new moon ritual, wave the smoke of the sage and candles around your body and in each room of your house. 

Whether we realize it or not, toxic negativity from emotions and conversations that take place in our homes can linger in our living space. 

This is where cleansing your space with sage comes in. The candles bring a calming presence as the sage releases the negativity. 

Step #3: Write Down Your Intentions 

When trauma, pain, and negativity have lived in your body for so long, it’s hard to know where to start in letting them go. However, there comes a time when we are ready to release these because one no longer serves the other. 

A pad of paper and a pen is a good place to start the process of letting go of negativity. Write down negative thoughts, emotions and physical items you no longer have a use for. Once the paper is filled, put it into the bowl of water and set it on fire. 

Once this ritual is complete, it is time to perform a ritual that will continue your moving forward. A new moon ritual for attracting love, self-love, or romance furthers the process. 

Step #4: Practice Mindfulness 

Physical tools like paper and a pen, water and candles, and matches and sage are just part of the new moon ritual for letting go. 

An effort to practice mindfulness and build a stronger connection between your body and your senses must be made is the real tool, which you can continue leveraging long after the ritual is complete.

Start Your New Moon Rituals For Letting Go Today 

As our world changes and shifts, so do we, but the only way we can truly move forward is letting go of all the things holding us back. This article gave a deeper look into the new moon and new moon rituals for letting go. 

What are you focusing on letting go of this month?

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