New Moon Rituals for Attracting Love

As a soul-driven store, it’s probably not surprising that we believe in self-care and rituals. That’s why we’ve shared tips on how to use crystals for manifestation, how to start your mindfulness practice, and how to unwind from the day. It’s why we’re also big believers in following and respecting the cycles of the moon—just like people have been doing for thousands of years. 

As the moon waxes and wanes, it can have a powerful effect on our moods. We can tap into this energy to bring more mindfulness to our daily lives. And the new moon in particular can be a wonderful time to welcome love into your life. 

Love & The New Moon

The moon cycles through eight phases each month, starting with the new moon. The new moon is also called the ‘dark moon,’ because in this phase, you might not see it at all. 

After the new moon, the moon goes on it’s journey—getting brighter and brighter until it becomes a full moon. 

As such, the new moon can be an optimistic time, and a time for beginning new journeys. And many people use the new moon as an opportunity to tap into love and welcome more of it. 

6 New Moon Rituals For Love

Would you like to manifest more love in your life? Try these rituals to see if they vibe with you. 

1. Release past expectations and disappointments

There’s a fine line between learning lessons from bad breakups, and fixating on negative thoughts. If you are holding on to toxic feelings, you might want to try a cleansing ritual during the new moon, to see if you can make space for something fresh. 

And if you’ve really been struggling with toxic thoughts, maybe the new moon can be the push you need to finally make that appointment for therapy. You can also always reach out to the Samaritans helpline at 116 123 to talk to someone anonymously, if you’re struggling with habitual negative thoughts. ⁠

2. Journal

Journaling is such a wonderful way to tap into what you’re really thinking and feeling. To journal for love during the new moon, imagine that everything you write down will come true. Does that change what you write? 

Write in detail what you’d like to manifest in your life, including in your love life. It’s called ‘scripting,’ and it can help you explore your dreams and get clear about your desires.

3. Visualize

Not a writer? You can tap into the same power by visualizing and embodying your ideal romance. Take a moment, maybe light a candle, and imagine what it would look like if love came into your life. How would you make space for it?

4. Light A Candle

There’s a reason that lighting a candle is a part of so many spiritual and religious practices. Yes, candles are beautiful and can make our homes warm and inviting. But candles also speak to our inner spirit, so that lighting them can make even the simplest moment feel special. 

To get started, you might try adding a Luna scented candle into your new moon rituals, letting yourself bathe in its magical light. Take the opportunity to slow down, think about your life, and think about what you’d like to accomplish in the coming days and weeks. 

5. Tap Into Crystals

Similarly, certain crystals are associated with love. For example, Rose Quartz is associated with unconditional love. Choosing a rose quartz crystal can invite love, joy, and emotional healing into your life, making it a perfect choice for the new moon.

6. Start Something New

Remember, the new moon is the beginning of a new journey. What will your new journey look like?

Romantic Love Or Self Love?

As a final note, remember that there’s much more than romantic love out there. Perhaps during the next new moon, you can focus on more love for your family, friends, neighbours, maybe even your pets.

And better still? Use the new moon to manifest more self love. That’s something we could all use a little more of. 

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