Self-Care Ideas for Scorpio Season

This October 23rd, the sun officially enters Scorpio–marking the start of Scorpio season.

Looking for self-care ideas this Scorpio season? The astrology experts here at Luna London Candles have you covered.

Let’s jump right in:

How Long Does Scorpio Season Last?

Scorpio season kicks off on October 23rd when the sun enters Scorpio and lasts until November 21st.

Just like how October signals the shift from summer to true autumn, the intense, atmospheric nature of the Scorpio sign makes this season ripe for opportunity… and getting back in touch with yourself through some thorough self-care! 

As a water sign (alongside Cancer and Pisces), Scorpio embodies one word: emotions. They feel them deeply, passionately, and limitlessly. That means that we could all learn a thing or two about listening to our innermost wants and needs through the Scorpios in our lives!

Self-Care Tips for Scorpios (or Those Enjoying Scorpio Season!)

Whether you’re a Scorpio yourself or simply know that it’s time to buckle down and get in tune with yourself, here are just a few self-care ideas for Scorpio season.

#1: Practice Grounding Exercises

What do you do to stay grounded?

While grounding exercises come in many forms, some of the most effective include:

  • Pairing morning meditation with deep breathing
  • The five-step EFT tapping method, which has been proven to reduce anxiety through stimulating the body’s nine meridian points
  • Journaling your thoughts, feelings, and gratitude at the end of each day

Grounding yourself doesn’t have to just stop at these, however–if your beauty ritual helps you feel centered, this is the season to lean into that! Does a nightly walk bring you back to yourself after even the most stressful of days? Prioritize it. Treating yourself right comes from listening to your body about which daily routines resonate and which don’t.

#2: Infuse Your Home With Soothing Scents

If you feel in need of a break from those daily routines, infusing your home with soothing scents is one of the best (and most straightforward!) ways to do exactly that.

Both the Luna London DIY Zodiac Candle and Scorpio-Scented Candle offer a transformative way to enjoy your home. With a scent that is as deeply passionate, exotic, and mysterious as Scorpios themselves, this juicy cocktail of plum, raspberry, cedarwood, pink pepper, pomegranate, and soft clove add a long-lasting allure to your space that’s impossible to emulate.

Whether you light your candle during a soothing bath, when working from home, or as a way to relax and unwind at the end of the day, having your safe space feel new again can be the pick-up we need–especially if we find ourselves fatigued or bored with the hum-drum of daily life!

#3: Try Something New

Enriching your life doesn’t have to mean spontaneous trips to Spain, or splurging on a name-brand accessory. It can be as simple as trying a new food, or rekindling a connection with an old friend. What about that restaurant you’ve been dying to try, but none of your loved ones are ever free? Book that table for one!

Scorpios know how to lean into day-to-day spontaneity. In order to know ourselves fully, we sometimes need to push our own boundaries. After all, life exists outside your comfort zone!

How will you be tapping into self-care this Scorpio season?

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