The Full Moon Manifestation Ritual

If you are looking for the ultimate full moon manifestation ritual (that you can do from the comfort of your own home!), then look no further than today’s guide.

What is a Full Moon Manifestation Ritual?

Due to the power the moon holds, it can help manifest your dreams through cleansing, releasing, healing, and, of course, intention-setting.

How? Well, because humans are made of 60% water, our ties to the moon run deep. A full moon ritual can:

  • Allow you to face the needs, pains, and weaknesses of your inner self and improve your perspective
  • Balance your internal imbalances
  • Bridge the gap between your subconscious and your conscious mind
  • Strengthen your intuition
  • Clarify your thoughts

While full moon rituals can orbit around anything, manifestation rituals focus on bringing your needs and goals to the forefront so that you can fulfill them.

How to Conduct a Full Moon Manifestation Ritual

Ready to conduct a full moon manifestation ritual?

Other than waiting for the next full moon, there are five steps we here at Luna London recommend to ensure that your ritual is as rewarding and reflective as can be.

Step #1: Cleanse Your Space

Cleansing your space by removing negative energy or clutter is non-negotiable ahead of any full moon manifestation ritual.

Burning dried herbs, placing tourmaline or hematite strategically around your home, having smoking incense, and cleansing your home with salt– dissolving sea salt in a spritzer and spraying each room works wonders!–  are all ways to cleanse your space ahead of your ritual.

Step #2: Set Your Intentions

What do you want to manifest in your life?

We firmly believe that form follows thought– that means that setting a specific intention for both yourself and for your full moon ritual will help you realize those intentions.

You can practice setting intentions either by thinking them like a mantra, stating them aloud, or writing them in a journal.

Step #3: Gather Your Supplies

For a successful full moon manifestation ritual, we recommend you gather the following supplies:

  • An affirmation card to have your intentions written and placed nearby
  • Crystals that reflect your intentions
  • A candle that reflects the feeling you are looking to manifest (whether that be invigorating, calming, etc.)

If you’re new to performing rituals, follow us over on Instagram for more supplies-related inspiration.

Step #4: Perform The Ritual

Full moon manifestation rituals are as easy as one, two, three: light your candle. Hold a crystal in each palm. Say your affirmation to the moon until you feel that the spiritual vibrations of your chosen crystals are aligned with your energy and you feel empowered to realize your manifestations.

A full moon manifestation ritual can be as short or as long as you’d like. There is no “right” amount of time for one to take.

Step #5: Close Out the Ritual

To close out the ritual, set your crystals down and snuff out your candle.

An essential part of closing out the ritual is to thank the moon for its guidance and its support.

You can repeat your full moon manifestation ritual every month to keep your intentions top of mind.

Ready to Conduct Your Own Full Moon Manifestation Ritual?

Contact us today for more inspiration on how to manifest your dreams using the power of the full moon.

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