The Ultimate Self Care Gift Guide

Self care isn’t selfish, and it doesn’t have to be extravagant or time consuming.

The concept of self care has become a bit of a buzzword lately, and oftentimes it conjures images of an expensive day at a spa or a costly vacation packed with activities. It can be any of those, but it doesn’t have to be.

The medical definition of self care is “the ability to care for oneself through awareness, self-control, and self-reliance in order to achieve, maintain, or promote optimal health and well-being.”

It can also be thought of as a “lifestyle change” in which you set aside time for your health—physically, mentally and emotionally—to ensure your overall well-being.

Gifts of Self Care

If self care is the practice of looking after your well-being, it can take many forms. As a gift to others, it can be the ultimate in thoughtfulness and showing you care.

Here’s the ultimate self care gift guide to help you show others the value of looking after their health—or for you to “gift” to yourself.

A Day Planner

If your gift is for someone who is feeling the stress of a busy schedule, a day planner can help reduce anxiety. It’s hard to stay organized when we’re stressed, and we feel more stressed when our schedules feel out of control. Rather than turn to a phone to stay organized, how about an “old-fashioned” day planner—which can help prioritize and organize schedules, tasks and even thoughts. 

A Journal

Another way to deal with stress is by writing down thoughts and feelings. Keeping a journal can help those who struggle with stress, depression, or anxiety, helping them gain control of emotions and improve mental health. This gift will make it easy to make journaling a habit.

Support for Meditation

A health practice that costs nothing but brings calm, peace and balance, meditation can benefit emotional well-being and overall health. Give the gift of meditation with a how-to book, subscription to an app, or an online resource, and supplement it with a meditation candle to set the mood. Go one step further with a gift from the Mindful Moments collection, which brings together a candle and loose tea, perfect for a relaxing evening at home. If your recipient already meditates, then consider a related gift like decor for their meditation corner, or calming affirmation cards to supplement their practice.

Introduction to Yoga

There are physical and mental benefits to engaging in yoga, which incorporates the benefits of breathing similar to meditation. It can also help with strength and balance, bring relief from pain, and manage stress, among other advantages. A simple how-to guide can be found online or in a book, and pairs well with a relaxing water-scented candle to light during a yoga session.  

Acknowledge Their Sign

A gift for the zodiac sign is thoughtful and can be linked to self care. The Zodiac Collection of scented candles recognizes each month’s sign, from Libra to Taurus and everyone in between. 

Self care takes many forms, so these are simply suggestions to give the gift of self love this holiday seasonwhether you’re buying for a loved one or want to treat yourself. Contact us to find out more about how Luna London can be part of your self care journey.

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