How to Beat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Short days, long nights, cold weather and less sunshine can all lead to the winter blues.

If you’re feeling down in the winter months, it may be more than simply griping about cold weather or longing for summer’s sunshine. Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, is actually a form of depression that is most common in late fall and into the winter months. Millions of people live with SAD, and women are more likely to experience it than men. 

Here are some ideas how to beat feeling SAD.

1. Move Your Body

Physical activity is often recommended for those feeling depressed, and a number of recent studies provide evidence that physical exercise may help with symptoms defined as SAD. 

You don’t have to run out and join the gym, either. Get outside for a walk, or start a daily yoga practice. Some simple yoga poses, and ending with quiet movement like child’s pose, can provide a number of benefits. Yoga has been shown to help people with mild to moderate depression too.

2. Let There Be Light

Some people miss the longer days and extra sunshine of the spring and summer months, so they turn to light therapy. A light box is a product that is said to provide a therapeutic dose of bright light, simulate the sun, and help to treat symptoms of SAD. You can use a light box at home or at work.

You can also light a candle to get a relaxing dose of light. Our Mindful Moments Collection: Chai includes a soothing Chai candle, perfect for snuggling up on chilly nights, as well as loose leaf Chai tea, a comforting, warming blend of black tea and spices.

3. Start a New Habit

Trying something new can jumpstart your mood and give you something to look forward to each day. New habits can be related to your Zodiac sign, such as the Scorpio who may enjoy journaling thoughts, feelings, and gratitude at the end of each day. Journaling is beneficial to many, not just Scorpios. 

There are other ways to get your juices flowing. Losing yourself in a new book each month, learning to cook a new dish, or resolving to call an old friend once a week are all positive habits that can be done in any season and any weather.   

4. Meditate

Creating time and space to meditate can help accomplish a healthy emotional and mental state. Ongoing research is also showing that a regular meditation practice can help change how your brain responds to stress and anxiety. Meditation has also been found to change certain brain regions that are specifically linked with depression. 

Whether you feel symptoms due to the winter season or you simply want to lower levels of stress, meditation is a helpful practice for everyone.

Luna London Candles can help elevate your meditation practice. Our Meditation Collection includes candles that will ease your mind and reach that level of focus you desire. The Calm Candle includes an intention inscribed on the candle; incant while you meditate to enjoy peace and tranquility.

If your winter blues feel worse than a bit of sadness, seek medical attention at once. Don’t ignore signs of depression and allow symptoms to worsen. If you’re looking for some ideas on dealing with winter’s long, cold nights, we hope our 4 tips on how to beat Seasonal Affective Disorder help you enjoy winter more.

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